We are proud to promote the fact that we only use solid, treated timber in all of our designs. There is no board, or sheet materials used and all of the timber is pressure treated so it carries a 12-15 year anti-rot guarantee.

We encourage you to treat it further throughout its life which will increase its longevity but because of the quality of the materials we use, in your buildings raw state it is therefore pretty much low maintenance.

Specifications of materials:

38x50mm sawn batons for all framework, floor, and roof

16x125mm Rebated shiplap for cladding

22x150mm Planed planks for floor, and roof


On the roof covering we now use a pretty revolutionary, new roofing felt which is new to the industry and has the latest technical attributes that will ensure your roof stays dry. It has a waterproof, polyester membrane backing which over time welds itself to the roof. It carries a 15 year manufacturers warranty so far outweighs previous or cheaper products on the market.

In the construction of the building itself all our designs are screwed together so not only is it a robust, quick and secure way of fixing but also very simple so therefore makes your building a lot more portable. So if you wish to put it in a new location within your garden you can, or like a lot of our customers have done and taken it with them when moving house.

What makes our designs different to our competitors is not necessarily the way we construct them, but the materials we use. All in all your new garden building will be very low maintenance and if looked after will give you years of use.

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15 Year Guarantee

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